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Georgia Association of Professional Agricultural Consultants
Georgia Association of Professional Agricultural Consultants is a non-profit member organization comprised of 34 private full-time agricultural consultants serving Georgia farmers. Founded in 1990, GAPAC members provide a full line of services on a variety of crops. For more information visit our web site,

InTime, Inc.
Based in Cleveland, MS., InTime, Inc. is a precision farming service provider that has proven to be very successful in improving the quality of crops such as cotton, rice and soybeans. Equal success has been demonstrated across the nation as the value of InTime’s services has been well documented in applications to orchard crops, fruits and vegetables in California. Through the combined use of geospatial technology, the Internet and quality customer service, InTime’s patented process for developing variable-rate chemical applications benefits the producer through improved crop health and reduced chemical costs. For more information, visit or contact Maury Knowlton at 1-866-843-0235.

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