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Arizona Cotton Production
2007 Crop Year by Congressional District

The above map shows how much cotton was grown in a particular district. Click on a district to view detailed district data and to see where the cotton was grown.

 Production Detail for Arizona
Crop Year:
Planted Acreage:
Average Price:
Value of Crop:

3-yr Avg Production:
10-yr Avg Production:  
518,600 bales 1
172,500 acres
59.91 cents per pound
$149.13 million

570,000 bales (2005 - 2007)
649,330 bales (1998 - 2007)

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Production History
 Latest Industry Profile for Arizona 2
Sector Businesses Jobs     Revenue      
Farms 3 301 2,573 149,127,000
Gins 24 600 38,214,000
Merchants 4 D D
Warehouses 5 D D
Cottonseed Dealers/Processors 2 D D
Textile Mills 5 D D
Total 341 3,430 $ 258,488,521

D - Withheld to avoid disclosing data for individual companies

  1. Includes upland and Pima cotton.
  2. Businesses and jobs for the Farm and Gin segments are from 2007 Census information. Businesses and jobs for all other segments are from 2002 Census information. Business revenue represents the most recent crop year information.
  3. Defined as any business that produced agricultural commodities with a (potential) value of at least $1,000 and planted at least some cotton.