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No data found for the selected year. Displaying most recent crop year (2012) instead.

Congressional District NC-10 Cotton Production

 Production Detail for Congressional District NC-10
Crop Year:
Planted Acreage:
Average Price:
Value of Crop:

3-yr Avg Production:
3,723 bales 1,2
1,851 acres
40.49 cents per pound
$ 723,504

0 bales (2010 - 2012)

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 Current Congressional Contacts
NC-10 Patrick McHenry (R) 202-225-2576 Online contact form
NC Richard Burr (R) 202-224-3154 Online contact form
NC Kay Hagan (D) 202-224-6342 Online contact form

  1. USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service does not report production for some counties for various reasons, including the limited number of producers in these counties. Hence, district and county estimates may not sum to state totals.
  2. USDA only provides production data by county. District totals are calculated by adding the totals for all counties within a particular district. For counties that span multiple districts, production is divided equally among the districts. So, if a county produces 90,000 bales and spans three Congressional districts, each district is assigned 30,000 bales of production (90,000 / 3).